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  • Cornel & Rithika (India)
  • Maurizio Bollo & Simona (3rd place World Bachata Fusion) (Italy)
  • Darío y Sara (Spain)
  • Airam y Vero (1st World Bachata Fusion) (Spain)
  • Azael y Maria Angeles (Mexico/Spain)
  • Igor y Rocío (3rd World Bachata Masters) (Spain)
  • Carlos & Chloe (Australia)
  • Nora Bachatera (Czechia)
  • Let's play Bachata by Sorush (Sweden)
  • Juan Soto & Clarita (UK)
  • Moreno y Sharon (Italy)
  • Alberto y Annalisa (Italy)

Live concert by Cosimo


  • DJ York (Germany)
  • DJ Manuel Citro (Italy)
  • DJ Balito (Hungary)
  • DJ Boricua (Italy)

Media team:

  • Crazy Lion Productions (Sweden)
  • Laurens Salsalandis (Netherlands)
  • Piqant Photography (Slovenia)

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Cornel and Rithika

One of the most popular bachata couples in the world. They come from Mumbai (India) and their urban and sensual style catch hundred of thousands bachata dacners who follow them in social media.


Cosimo is an Italian bachata singer who is getting more famous every day. He is booked almost every weekend and giving live concerts (promoting his new album) throughout Europe and rest of the world.

Dario y Sara

One of the most outstanding bachata couples today. Their original workshops made to enjoy the social have turned them into the preferred dancers of thousands of bachateros.

Igor y Rocío

Igor and Rocio, a Spanish couple that was formed 2.5 years ago, even though the two of them have been dancing for many years. Igor comes from the world of acrobatics that practiced them hard 15 years. Rocio did sports dancing for 8 years.

Airam y Vero

World Champions of the World Bachata Fusion 2018. His style "Bachata Passion" manages to connect the audience through new techniques and movements.

Azael y Maria Angeles

Azael Salazar (Mexico) & Maria Angeles (Spain) have recently started their cooperation. Both are bringing fresh energy and incorporating new flavor to bachata sensual.

Get your full pass now for 120€ 95€

Price increases every month.


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