We’ve got a perfect deal for you!

You can buy your tickets until 15th of August for a 50-50 deal!

What does it mean 50-50 deal? It means you can pay 50% of full pass price now, and 50% not later than 15th of November!

If you’ve spent all your money on summer holidays, this is a  perfect deal for you!

Buy your first half of the ticket now! 

50-50 deal will be available only until 15th of August!

So don’t wait up! Get your pass now!

Full pass will not be valid until other half is bought too! Other half must be bought not later than 15th of November! You will be reminded by email several times. If the other half is not bought until 15th of November, the ticket is not valid and there will be no refunds. Name change is not possible for this option.

Other half payments will be possible from 15th of August.

You will receive different QR code for each half of the ticket. Both of the QR codes need to be shown at the registration office in order to receive your full pass.